Springing into Spring


Now that we've wrapped up the March issue, it’s time to turn our sights on next month’s edition. Obviously, I know April comes after March, but the implications of that didn’t hit me until I started composing the monthly Product Spotlight email and typed “April” where “March” used to be. (FYI to all my HME product enthusiasts: April’s Product Spotlight will feature complex rehab.)

It’s hard to process the fact that we’re working on the April edition, when there’s 28 feet of snow outside the office and more on the way. Just kidding. We’ve only gotten 21 feet.

I’ve always thought of April as the gatekeeper to summer which is why it’s so difficult for me to accept that summer is sort of (but not really) around the corner (if you can forget about the fact that it’s 18 degrees outside).

When I think of April, I think of light jackets and 50 degrees—which is beach weather compared to the single digit temperatures we’ve been experiencing in Maine. But those aren’t the only things we have to look forward to in April. There’s also:

And (as if Earth Day still isn't enough to get you excited for April) you can also check out our Events page for upcoming HME webinars, seminars and conferences.