Squirrels, Medicare codes and AAH receptions


I had a hot dog near the Lincoln monument this afternoon and discovered a new use for walking canes. A woman used hers to fend off a particularly aggressive squirrel who tried to join her for lunch today. Unlike our esteemed executive editor, she doesn't travel with a BB gun, so it was her weapon of choice. Effective, but there's probably no Medicare code for that one.

Fast forward to this evening: I was  just chatting with Clay Stribling at the welcome reception at AAHomecare's Legistlative Conference. Although I wasn't taking notes, I don't think he'll mind if I write about this.

Clay attends lots of these industry events. He usually speaks at them about the Medicare topic du jour. Clay's a little frustrated these days. Seems every time he's slated for a talk, Medicare changes its mind. To wit: In recent weeks, the consignment closet rules and the OIG telemarketing alert.

My point? The industry is constantly changing and providers who want to keep up with those changes belong to industry associations like AAHomecare. They attend these events. They even, on occasion, make some of those changes happen.

As another attendee told me tonight, and she shall remain nameless: "It's their livelihood." She was talking about how, as always, we see the same faces at these events. Where are the rest of y'all? (sorry, I come south, that is, anything below Boston on the map, I like to try out a southern accent).

She's right, you know. It's your livelihood. I hope you are one the providers here this week who feels strongly enough about that livelihood that you were compelled to come to Washington and speak up for it.

Theresa Flaherty