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Wimbledon psp Making good on a promise made last year, Sens. Mel Martinex, R-Fla., and John Cornyn, R-Tex., re-introduced the STOP Act this week. The Seniors and Taxpayers Obligation Protection Act, S. 975, targets Medicare waste, fraud and abuse. AAHomecare pointed out in a release that many of the measures outlined in the bill mirror the association's 13-point plan for stopping fraud and abuse. Those measures include pre-enrollment visits and unannounced site visits for new HME providers, and real-time data analysis to identify and investigate unusual billing and ordering practices. Martinez and Cornyn introduced the STOP Act for the first time last year, vowing to fix in the next Congress a Medicare system they believe is riddled with Medicare fraud (See HME News, September 2008 A Thin Line Between Love and Hate release ). The senators say Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs taxpayers an estimated $60 billion each year. "Entitilement fraud is out of control and we have 60  billion reasons why it need to be addressed," stated Martinez, the lead Republican on the Senate Special Committee on Aging, in a release. "Wise spending and keeping a current account of every dollar will directly meet the health care needs of our nation, end the current practice of 'pay and chase,' and become the first step in greater health care reform."

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