Stupid people, low blood sugar and gun control


I grew up in Maine, a gun-friendly state if there ever was one. I don't understand the desire to own a gun but ... whatever.


Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to own guns (or have driver's licenses for that matter) which brings me to my point. Owing a gun, driving a car, having children all bring with them a healthy amount of personal responsibility, a notion I frequently trumpet in this space.

Police in Macon, Georgia recently cited a 55-year old diabetic man for unlawfully firing a gun after the ambulance he called when he suffered a low blood sugar didn't arrive fast enough.

Not many details were given, but I can't help but wonder why the guy didn't just drink some OJ. One does not need medical attention simply because they have a low blood sugar. If one has the cognitive ability to dial 911 (or pull the trigger) you'd think it'd be a no-brainer to help himself. By the time he should have needed an actual ambulance, he'd probably be unconscious.


Theresa Flaherty