The sum of all fears


Wayne Stanfield has been getting daily calls from providers confused and worried about the ramifications of the oxygen cap. The executive director of the National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers said the horror stories are trickling in. Here's one example that just about sums it up. A Tennessee-based provider has tried to line up a provider in Wisconsin to care for an elderly woman—capping in January—who moved to be be near her grandson. Out of seven providers, only one was willing to take on the patient—at a price. The Wisconsin provider would charge the guy in Tennessee $225 a month, plus $50 a tank. That works out to between $300 and $400 a month out of the provider's pocket. He can't afford it. The beneficiary complained to CMS that her original provider was leaving her high and dry. The grandson is livid. The original provider is stuck in limbo. CMS had no answers for any of them.

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