Technological bloodsucking?


As we head into summer, the country's lawmakers wrangle over healthcare reform, with all the pork and pomp that any eventual reform package will entail.

Meanwhile, there's "reform" activity at the grassroots level. Take this posting from craigslist yesterday:

"We buy test strips and get them to people who need them (the uninsured). Most brands are needed. We can pay $5.00 for boxes of 50 and $10.00 for boxes of 100 strips."

It's a worthwhile and lofty goal, although I can't imagine who'll have boxes of strips lying around. They are like gold to most folks with diabetes. I hope they are able to  help people, but in the meantime, I continue to wonder when the price of the strips will come down. After all, test strips have been around for a few decades now, and while I am sure the technology has improved, it seems the price needs to drop,  you know, like it has with DVDs, cell phones, etc. Or, are the manufacturers just keeping the prices inflated because they have a captive audience?

Theresa Flaherty