Thank goodness it's...Monday?


Every year since college, I've had a Thanksgiving tradition of posting to Facebook every day in November. The post always starts: Today, I'm thankful for. 

I started this because it's so easy to get caught up in daily disasters like sore muscles, $250 car repair bills and the madness of holiday shopping that you lose sight of the good stuff. 

Each year, some of my other Facebook friends do it too, and last Monday one posted: Today I'm thankful for my job—even though it's Monday. 

With the country's unemployment rate—let alone the people who are working but don't have insurance—having a job is definitely something to be grateful for. Even if that means pulling yourself out of bed on Monday after getting used to sleeping in for two days. 

Just as this was on my mind, I read through this press release from RESNA

They've won a grant of almost a million dollars to create a national center that will promote jobs for people with disabilities. Their Accessible Technology Action Center will focus on the technology needed to make information and communication accessible so people with disabilities can get out into the workforce and succeed. 

Between this and the services HME providers offer, hopefully a lot of barriers will come down for people who would also be thankful to have a job—even on a Monday.