There are things to worry about and things not to worry about


This afternoon, I had the pleasure of participating in HME Voice, the industry’s talk radio show. (And anyone who knows me knows it’s a big deal for me to say it was a pleasure. I’m a print journalist for a reason, people.)

The show, co-hosted by Emerge’s Mike Sperduti and Medtrade’s Kevin Gaffney, featured a news update from yours truly (I gave a sneak peek of the October issue) and several interviews, including one with Invacare’s Mal Mixon.

Mixon has so much insight on the industry—where it has been, where it is right now and where it is headed—so it’s always worthwhile to hear him speak.

This time was no different. He talked about Round 2 of competitive bidding (“Our customers are scared. It’s important that they deal with it and think about what’s going to happen to their businesses, so they can plan for it now”) and the market-pricing program (“We have a very good chance of moving forward”).

About where the industry is headed, Mixon said: “Before this is all over, we will be treated fairly. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but that’s how I’m feeling.”

Mixon also talked about his desire to age at home (“I sure hope I don’t end up in an institution. I want to be near my pet and family, and in my home”) and what he’s learned over the years (“The one thing (Vietnam) did for me was to make me very calm and more resolute, and less likely to be rattled. People today get upset about the damnest things. I can tell you there are things to worry about and things not to worry about).

Talk about an HME Voice.