This'll get your knickers in a twist


I don’t tend to blog about incontinence—or its related products—because, well, it’s just not sexy.

But I really can’t believe what Arizona (which surely has a large population of people who use these products) tried to do in an effort to save money. It wanted to deny briefs to adults.

This pees me off for two reasons.

The first is that, in trying to deny the products, Arizona said they were only medically necessary when needed to treat skin breakdown or infections. That’s right: instead of allowing the products to be used to PREVENT these health problems, Arizona wanted to treat after the fact. Which (correct me if I am wrong here) could drive a few other expenses. Not to mention, it just isn’t nice.

My second is this: Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to wear adult diapers. So why make it more difficult and or demeaning for users?

Fortunately, an appeals court has (ahem) voided that bid.