The time is near


There aren't too many providers taking my calls this morning, but I did manage to catch a few. Of course, the big thing on everyone's mind: the long-dreaded kick-off of Medicare's competitive bidding program.

Yes folks, the time is upon us. Or, as the more pessimistic might say, the end is nigh.

At this point, it seems like the best thing to do (actually, about the only thing to do) is watch the events unfold next week, or, as one provider put it today, watch the program crash and burn.

There's probably some logic to that. While it won't be fun for providers or beneficiaries, the best way to demonstrate to CMS and lawmakers that the program won't work is to have it, well, not work.

Meanwhile, the HME industry and CMS continue to duel in the headlines:

"Charlotte area patients, providers bracing for Jan. 1 hit to home medical equipment services," reads one.

"New Medicare rules on medical supplies aim to save," counters another.

Wake me when it's over.

Theresa Flaherty