Treat employees right and they'll return the favor


I just finished watching the latest episode of HME News TV. On the couch: Ana McGary, president of PeopleFirst Enterprises talking HR.

"If you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your business," she said.

I really think she has a point there. Even the smallest HME provider seems to provide a good work environment and tries to offer fair pay and benefits—an increasingly difficult task.

United Publications, the parent of HME News, is certainly a good place to work. It's fun. There is camaraderie. In fact, word trickles back to us from folks who leave here that their new work surroundings are a bit...grim.

Even at Borders Books, my soon-to-be-former retail job, management is trying to keep things positive, no small task since they are all losing their jobs. While the job there ain't what it used to be, and I am tempted to say, "I can't take it anymore (liquidation is an awful process and the quality of customers has declined sharply), I have so far stuck it out and hope to stick it out till the bitter end, even though I, unlike many of my fellow booksellers, don't have to. But I am loyal to them, and to the managers, and even to what was once a wonderful brand.

It was a wonderful brand because of the employees and I think that's something that applies even more so when it comes to HME providers. You can't work in that field if you don't like what you do. It's too hard, and there are too many overhanging uncertainties.

But in the meantime, if you do right by your employees, they will do their best to stick it out.

Theresa Flaherty



We're very fortunate here at Inada Massage Chairs, because our CEO actively "walks his talk" and spends time daily in one of our chairs, while encouraging all of us to do the same. The power of a relaxed, positive work environment where people realize and commit to the concept that our first wealth is health, is beyond measure!