Update on Richard Lamb, provider who survived cuts, recession, only to fall victim to ZPIC audit


It turns out things didn't turn out as bad for Richard Lamb as they could have.

Lamb, you'll remember, is the provider who survived recent Medicare cuts and the recession, only to fall victim to a ZPIC audit. When I interviewed him for a story, he was in the process of closing down his company, Freedom2Go, and worrying about his personal finances and his employees.

But earlier this month, Lamb was able to sell parts of his company to Apria Healthcare and Nurses Unlimited, according to this story in the Abilene Reporter News.

Hopefully, that means Lamb can keep his house and his possessions, and retire in peace. Other good news: While Freedom2Go employees who handled human resources and billing are out of jobs, Apria and Nurses Unlimited are keeping on about half of the company's employees.

It's probably the best outcome Lamb could have hoped for, considering the circumstances.

On a sidenote: It's interesting that Apria bought Freedom2Go. Apria hasn't been buying much of anything lately, and Abilene isn't part of the Dallas competitive bidding area. By buying Freedom2Go, Apria adds about 2,000 patients, including 300 oxygen patients, according to the Reporter News.

Liz Beaulieu