U.S. healthcare spending outpaces inflation


CMS released its annual report on health care spending today. There's no mention of HME but, according to the actuaries, home health care continues to be the fastest growing component of all personal health care spending, 9.9% annually in 2006. That's down, thanks to reimbursement cuts, from 12.3% in 2005.

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They're Off psp Titanic download Hospital spending, by the way, accounts for 31% of total healthcare spending in the United States and grew by 7% in 2006. That's down from 8.2% growth in 2002. And what do you think has slowed the growth? In part, "lower utilization of hospital services, especially within Medicare as fee-for-service inpatient hospital admissions declined."

At some point, you hope more bureaucrats and lawmakers in Washington get it: Homecare is key to slowing the overall cost of healthcare in this country. These numbers say as much.

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These and other findings can be found in a report by CMS’ Office of the Actuary, released today in the health policy journal Health Affairs.


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