The VGM Group wants you! Help eliminate competitive bidding once and for all


If you want to pitch in and help the industry deep-six national competitive bidding, here's your chance.

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, The VGM Group will conduct a “Shut Down the Switchboard” event. The purpose of “Shut Down the Switchboard” is to flood the congressional phone lines in an attempt to garner as much support  as possible in a single afternoon for H.R. 3790, a bill that would eliminate NCB.

Go to VGM's Web site for more details.

When properly delivered the facts, lawmakers have in large part been very supportive of this legislation. The bill currently has 76 co-sponsors. That's a long way from where it needs to be if it's to be included in a larger health care package.  With your help, the HME industry can ultimately reach the 218 co-sponsors needed for majority support.

Now go burn up those phone lines!

- Mike Moran