Waking the dead tired, but not Devon


Sleep is big, not only in our lives, but in the news. Every day we hear countless theories behind why we aren't getting enough shut eye: sleep apnea and other related conditions; restless legs syndrome; too much caffeine; too much alcohol; and this today: sleeping in the wrong position.

Want to know what interferes with my sleep? The alarm clock of the guy upstairs (I am talking about my neighbor, Devon, not a higher power).

Whatever the heck he's using, it wakes me up every weekday, usually at 6 am, although last week I got the early-bird special: 5 am. I like to wake up at 7:30 am.

Devon doesn't always respond to his alarm as quickly as I would like (ie, at the first tone). Some days it cycles over and over again several times, till he finally hears the darn thing. This morning he wasn't even home to hear it, but I sure did, for about 30 minutes before it either finally wore itself out or his apparently deaf roommate shut it off (If I had a key to his apartment, I would have gone upstairs and smashed the stupid thing.).

I fell asleep again some time after 7.

The upshot of all this: I woke up groggy, tired and late. As I write this, I am still feeling groggy, despite a few cups of coffee and a nutritious (naturally) lunch.

There really is no antidote for a good night's sleep.

Theresa Flaherty