Want good marketing opportunities, press coverage and employee morale?


Heather Pagano in our marketing department had a great idea to promote the 2012 HME Excellence Awards: Get testimonials from last year's winners on how the awards impacted their businesses.

If you're wondering whether it's worth the five minutes it will take you to fill out the application for the HME Excellence Awards, read these testimonials from Glass Seating and Mobility (Best Rehab Technology Provider) and Alpine Home Medical Equipment (Best HME Provider).

From Glass Seating and Mobility:

Winning the HME excellence award has not only been beneficial from a marketing standpoint but has also created a positive and fun environment at our office. The employees enjoyed the recognition and it really has increased morale. In this industry we are often bombarded with reimbursement cuts, negative news, audits, etc. Winning the award has said to us and our employees, "Keep working hard, you are doing something right!”
We’ve had a number of local newspapers, magazines and differing media outlets pick up the story. Ranging from medical society publications to business journals and local papers, we have gotten some great press. It’s also forced us to rethink our marketing strategy on our website, vans and brochures. Many of the things that tend to go untouched because of time restraints took on much greater importance with all the name recognition. We are very thankful to HME News and hope to see more companies participating in the awards process the future.

From Alpine Home Medical:

Since winning the award, we have marketed the title via radio, digital signs, and in-store print advertising. We feel very proud to carry this title, especially considering that it is held on a national level. We have made a great effort to let our customers know that we won this particular award, and what it took to achieve this accomplishment. What it all goes back to, and the reason we feel we were awarded this honor, is because of the mission of Alpine—which is to support and give back to our customers, our employees, and our community.

Sounds good, right? The marketing opportunities are endless. The press attention is something you can't buy. And the boost to employee morale is, well, priceless.

We're collecting applications until May 25. Like Teresa Glass Owens at Glass Seating and Mobility said, "We hope to see more companies participating in the awards process in the future." Last year, we had about 75 applications. This year, we want more.

This year, of all years, we expect more. Why? The HME Excellence Awards are as good a chance as any to celebrate all that's good about the HME industry, and I think we could all use a little of that.

So  get crackin.

Liz Beaulieu