Want to help Hasco get Hannah some wheels?


Kickstarter has helped everyday people invest in projects by (mostly) other everyday people since 2009. This could be anything: a documentary, a new invention, a game… rather famously, in March this year, Veronica Mars TV show producer Rob Thomas raised more than $5 million to make a Veronica Mars movie. 

Anyone can post any project they’re hoping to “kickstart.” Anyone can donate any amount of money—they receive thank-you presents like a personal note of thanks, custom T-shirts, dinner with an author, or initial production run of a new product.

Hasco Medical has taken this internet phenomenon in a new direction—they’re seeking donations in exchange for thank-you notes and videos to help wheelchair users make a down payment on an accessible vehicle. 

Wedeliverfreedom.com is raising money right now for a little girl named Hannah. She needs $7,500 for a down payment on a wheelchair van. She has nine days left and has $1,390 so far. 

Her father is away, serving in the army, and her mother is having a hard time transporting her in a regular vehicle. 

I have to admit, I’m a little biased toward this little girl. Here’s hoping she gets the support she needs in the last week or so of her crowdfunding effort.