Watch out, Theresa and Tracy


If you follow Theresa’s and Tracy’s blogs or twitter feeds, you already know they’ve been competing to see who can take the most steps in a day.

Managing Editor Theresa has her pedometer, and I’ve spied her up from her desk more often during the day, using her feet instead of the phone for inter-office communication. Am I right, Theresa, that you’ve also been drinking more water? (Her preferred drink of choice: coffee, coffee, coffee.)

Associate Editor Tracy has her Fitbit, and I spied her yesterday returning to the office after taking a walk outside over lunch. Though I’m unsure of her water intake (she drinks soda…in the morning!?!?), I know she usually eats a nice salad for lunch (with avocado or cheese, but never both). We won’t talk about what she eats for breakfast, though (Tracy, your secret is safe with me).

Jo-Ellen Reed, our account manager, has a pedometer, too, and as Theresa mentioned in her blog, she logged more than 8,000 steps the other day while traipsing through New York City. (Which got me to thinking, could it be that city slickers actually take more steps than those of in the wild?)

I don’t know if Rick Rector, our publisher, has a pedometer or Fitbit, but I do know that he meets with a trainer on a regular basis and recently started using a device on his desk that allows him to work on his laptop in a seated or standing position. Cool, huh?

Then there’s me. A year ago, I could have won this how-many-steps-in-a-day contest easily with five-mile runs every morning and half-hour walks during lunch. I don’t know if it all would have added up to the targeted 10,000 steps, but I bet it would have been close.

These days, I’m trying to get in my steps by proofing while walking during the day (it sounds dangerous, but it isn’t) and taking half-hour walks with a baby after dinner.

Thankfully, Theresa and Tracy have excused me from their competition due to the aforementioned baby, but I can use her as an excuse for only so long.

In fact, I can use her as an excuse only for the rest of today, because when I get home, there will be a new jogging stroller on my porch.

My next purchase: a pedometer or Fitbit.

Watch out, Theresa and Tracy.