What gives?


Drumline divx Only a few dozen comments were submitted on the recent guidance for the 36-month oxygen cap by the Dec. 29 deadline, industry stakeholders reported this week. That's despite numerous pleas from AAHomecare, The VGM Group, NAIMES and other industry stakeholders. What gives? If providers are "freaking out," as one industry stakeholder put it, why didn't more of them submit comments? What better way for providers to send a message to CMS that they think this policy stinks? What better way to have some of their concerns addressed in future guidance?

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Are providers making their concerns heard in other ways? If so, I want to hear about them.

Did providers think their comments wouldn't make a difference? If so, that's not the right attitude.

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Did providers think it was futile to submit comments by Dec. 29 for a rule that goes into effect Jan. 1? If so, you have a point, but still.

Really, this shocked the whole HME News team. This is no way to end 2008 and kick off 2009.

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