What happens in Vegas sometimes requires a little DME


I’m back in the office after two (glorious!) weeks away. For Christmas, Mom, I and Aunt Patti went to a little burg known to many as Sin City.

As an HME provider, you more likely know it as the site of Medtrade Spring.

Now, Las Vegas tends to mean a lot of walking around (I broke my daily walking goal of 60 minutes every day by many minutes and many steps). At the conclusion of our first full day traipsing the strip (The Bellagio, Caesars Palace), Mom realized if she and her bad knee were gonna keep up with me, she’d better get a cane.

Not only did the cane, indeed, make it easier for her to get around, this simple stick wielded an unexpected power: everybody and their brother offered her their seat. On the tram. On the bus. On the monorail. It was funny to me because mom is one of the most active people I know and really isn’t the proverbial little old lady. 

She may get that attitude from her mother, whose biggest complaint upon Grampy backing over her in the driveway with the big beige Buick was that the local newspaper referred to her as “elderly.” She was in her 80s.

Exploring Vegas with a person that is slightly mobility challenged opens the eyes to how difficult it must be for some people to get around. The walking distances, the sheer volume of people and the broken escalators everywhere highlighted this for me. 

The cane also let Mom get thisclosetotheedge at the Grand Canyon. 

I had to look away.

Here's to a healthy, mobile and Happy New Year!