What an insult


CMS officials told congressional staffers yesterday that they disqualified 630 of the 1,005 providers who participated in Round 1 of national competitive bidding, according to AAHomecare. Then they said providers have no one but themselves to blame, comparing them to high school students who forgot to include their SAT scores with their applications. What an insult.

Here's another analogy for CMS: If I'm a high school teacher and 63% of my students fail a test, I'm going to wonder how I contributed to their failure. Maybe I didn't cover the right material. Maybe I didn't give them clear enough instructions. Maybe I didn't give them enough time to complete the test. The possibilities are endless.

You'd think CMS officials would consider how they may have played a part in a competitive bidding program gone bad. Then again, I guess they're too busy saving face and throwing insults.

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