What would Liz do?


I am a bossy person by nature so when Editor Liz decides to travel halfway across the country for a hog roast, I welcome the opportunity to flex my authoritative muscles. Of course, that means making decisions that aren't always clear cut and inevitably leads to an internal asking of the age-old question: What Would Liz Do? (WWLD for short).

Fortunately, this week has been pretty quiet (dare I say a bit dull, even?). The biggest conundrum I have had, at least with regard to news reporting,was about 30 minutes ago when AAHomecare announced that Reps. Thompson and Braley plan to hold a press conference tomorrow at 10 am to discuss the delay letter which garned 226 bipartisan signatures. In the absence of anything more "newsy" for our daily web story I wondered, does an announcement about an announcement count as news?

I mentioned this to our web editor, Leif. His helpful response?
"What would Liz do?"

But honestly, competitive bidding and the delay letter are all anyone is talking about this week. Leif, Elizabeth and I have all fielded phone calls from "pins and needles" providers with questions about the delay letter, about HR 1717, about the legislative process. Mike from Chicago even asked where to get the most up-to-the-minute information. Here, of course. He's also monitoring twitter (thanks to everyone tweeting from the Heartland Conference) and probably subscribed to all the association newsletters that he can. He's got the right idea. 

Last week, I called a provider who I have spoken with many times over the years. He answered the phone with a hopeful, "Theresa, are you calling me to tell me there's a delay?"

Don't worry, dear reader. We will follow up on the conference, the Senate briefing yesterday and the VGM event. If there's a delay, we will trumpet it from the social media rooftops. After all, Liz and I have both been here long enough to remember when that happened before. The only difference is that time, we had to communicate the news via our now terribly old-fashioned seeming electronic newswire.

Fingers crossed.

Theresa Flaherty