What'd I tell you about Medicaid?


I posted a blog last week about how just as many of you rehab providers complain about Medicaid reimbursement as you do Medicare reimbursement (with reason, of course). I've already written a story about how NRRTS is on the case and now NCART is joining the fray.

Executive Director Don Clayback sent out an e-mail yesterday asking rehab providers to complete a 20-question survey on Medicaid coverage and payment in their areas. The results of the survey will be summarized and posted to NCART's Web site. One of NCART's goals in creating a separate benefit for complex rehab is influencing other payers like Medicaid; I wonder if the survey results will play into that somehow.

NCART's survey is open until March 31. Take it. It's the least you can do.

Liz Beaulieu