A wheelchair for Chris P. Bacon


Whew! My head has been full of products products products. We’re about to head into paste-up mode for the March issue, which means the HME News team has been racing toward the deadline. For me, that means putting together Medtrade Spring Products and Bariatric Product Spotlight entries for hours at a time. (The deadline was Friday so don’t go getting any ideas!)

With my head swimming with products and Medicare’s recent announcement, I was happy to see this cute little video.

Piglet Chris P. Bacon was born without the use of his back legs, so Dr. Len Lucero, a veterinarian at Eastside Veterinary Hospital in Clermont, Fla. created a little piggy wheelchair for Chris out of K’nex. 

Now, I have to say that a baby pig might just be the cutest animal on the planet. It’s definitely in the top five. So watching a 5-minute video of this guy wheeling around and literally pigging out on baby formula = a good break from the craziness going on lately. 

I’m hoping he does well in his new home with his new wheels. Adult pigs can be very mean, and they have vicious bites that could break a brick, so I’m not sure how long he’ll remain a house pig. Still, he seems pretty happy these days.

And of course, all I can think is “Wonder what a 7-element order would look like for this guy?”