While I was beaching


I am back in the office after a week's vacation on Cape Cod. I was not even tempted to check my work email, which is aided and abbetted by my parents' less-than-stellar internet service (A for effort, mom).

I didn't log onto hmenews.com or post any tweets. In fact, I made it all the way till Thursday before I gave a thought to home medical equipment. That was when I spotted a Cape Medical Supply truck at the Cumberland Farms in Dennis.

I quickly averted my eyes.

So, back in the office today, I spent awhile clicking through my emails: save, forward, or, most often, delete. I am trying to get back into the loop before I start working the phones, however it seems that nothing much has changed while I was away. Competitive bidding is still in play and the auditors are still running amok.

Already I've heard bad news (Landauer filing for bankruptcy), and good news (Maldonado Medical is hiring).

No sooner had I gotten home on Saturday, after a 3.5 hour drive that took closer to 4.5 hours (thanks for nothing, New Hampshire!), than my landlord pulled up with his "dump cart" and a basement cleaning crew and I wound up in the dusty, spidery basement moving stuff around or directing it to the dump. I didn't even get a chance to get my suitcases out of the car. I have only myself to blame. The landlord is doing an energy audit today and having installation installed in the basement after I commented that we regularly pay $350 a month for heat in the winter, and that's with the thermostat set at a chilly 64.

So, all signs point to vacation being over and summer being on its way out. One bright spot: When I finally emerged from the dark of the basement I checked my "garden." 

These peppers were used in the stirfry I had for lunch today.

Theresa Flaherty