Who cares about sugar-free cookies and ID jewelry when you can raise a toast to Baja Bob?


Over cocktails last night, my roommate and I were discussing how many advances have been made in medicine, and in products in general, over the last several decades (we're both health news junkies).

I mentioned that I often remind myself how lucky I am that I wasn't born 100 years ago, before insulin was invented.

Fast forward to 2010 and there's all kinds of fun stuff out there for the sugar-challenged. Case in point: This afternoon my attention was caught by a co-worker unpacking what looked like a bar shipment.

Turns out it was. She had ordered about half a dozen sugar-free drink mixers like margarita mix, just in time for summer BBQ season.

We've all heard about sugar-free cookies, low-carb pasta and the like, but I generally eschew them for real, whole foods. But I think Baja Bob may be on to something with his Splenda-infused mixes (although I await Heather's first taste report).

Hmmm. Is this a new cash add-on for your customers?

Theresa Flaherty


We discovered these wonderful mixers last year - with a diabetic daughter at the post-graduate level, it was truly a "sweet" find. Now, not only can she raise a glass with her friends, but her calorie counting friends have switched to them too! Great product - hard to find locally so interspersing them with diabetic ancillary products (cha-ching) is a great idea!