Who was Theresa Faiss?


I log onto the Internet several times a day (OK, dozens) to check out news and headlines, and, yes, celebrity gossip. Today, I kept seeing the headline "Theresa Faiss dies." Who, I kept wondering, is Theresa Faiss?

At 4:30 I finally bit. I mean clicked. Turns out Theresa Faiss, age 97, was one half of a couple honored earlier this year for being married a long time: 79 years!

Can you imagine? I'll bet they used a little DME to get around.

Her husband, Wilbur, a spry 101-year old former state senator, was quoted from an earlier interview about the secret to success—in politics or marriage—is compromise.

With the seemingly endless election cycle, and most unpopular Congress ever, both finally (thank goodness!) drawing to a close, I think I speak on behalf of all Americans when I say the word compromise is one we'd like to hear used more often to describe politics. It's something most of us do every day, at work, at home, at the store deciding on Halloween treats.

Compromise. Like the industry did when it compromised with its MPP, when we all know what it really wanted was a flat-out repeal.

Theresa Flaherty