Why are you keeping good news to yourself?


In January, a provider donated 400 pounds of food to a local food bank.

In March, a provider was named a "Reader's Choice" business by a local newspaper. 

In April, a provider asked doctors' offices to guess which American Idol contestant would be voted off that week. 

FYI – I found those other items while searching for news on Facebook—after it was too late to follow up (drat!)

A Facebook search for "home medical equipment" brings up dozens of pages from all over the country—Kudos to all the providers who are embracing social media and creating Facebook pages, by the way.

You all seem to have different strategies for using your pages: Some people use those pages to promote whatever's on sale that week in their retail arm. Others use it to post about events they're planning or planning to go to. Some interact with customers and answer their questions about different products. Others post information customers might be interested in. 

Also varying is the extent to which providers are posting. Some post several times a day, others once a week. It really runs the gamut, including a lot of pages with no new posts since 2010. (Apparently, some people are finding Facebook to be more useful than others.)

For the most part, a lot of you are using your Facebook pages pretty often, and a lot of you are making real connections with your communities. 

The moral of this story is: if you're doing something cool, like receiving an award or reaching out to referral sources in a new way, and it's so cool that you want to tell your Facebook subscribers—why not tell me too?

(Perhaps even this week, as the HME News Team begins making cold calls, would be the perfect time?)