Why did the duck cross the road? To get to Medtrade, of course


The ducks who live on Back Cove in Portland finally waddled back to the cove side after spending several days across the road in the park. You know it's been wet and rainy when even the waterfowl is trying to wring itself out.

Today, after a few more days of damp, cloudy weather (note, I make no mention of sun), it has just started to pour again. Like someone on the roof is dumping buckets over the side and down past our second-floor windows.

That in turn reminded me to check the weather for Atlanta next week. Looks like it'll be primarily 70s and partly sunny. Or, what we here in Maine call summer.

Not that the HME News staff will get to see much of that. We have a full schedule with the Show Dailies, HME News TV and, if we are lucky, a stroll around the show floor at some point. But, while it'll be a crazy few days, it's also a fun few days and hopefully, I'll get to see some of you there, in person.

I'm not sure the forecast for the HME industry is quite as sunny as that for Atlanta, but I do know there are lots of great sessions at the show, and a a bunch of new products. I also finally read this week our coverage of the three HME Excellence Award winners (see Show Dailies 2 & 3 next week). I am happy to say, that, in addition to running a tight ship and providing great customer service, all three companies have something else in common: a commitment to the patient that goes far beyond providing HME with a smile. Think pugs and pacers.

That is all.

Theresa Flaherty


People for Quality Care will see you down there! We haven't had the rain that you did, but sunny and 70's sounds great! Stop by the VGM Booth on your walk and say hello.