Wrap it up for the holidays


If you’re like me, you’ve been frantically trying to wrap things up at the office so you can get the hell out of dodge for the holidays.

For the past week or so, I’ve been pounding out stories and freelance assignments, soliciting products for the February Product Spotlight (complex rehab, send ‘em in), and flattering people into writing Smart Talk columns (OK, that last one isn’t so hard, it’s arguably the best unpaid writing gig in the industry).

The year behind us has been a crazy one and to it I say, good riddance! I think most of our readers would say the same. The phase in of bid pricing, the continued onslaught of audits—you’ve heard this story before.

The question is what will 2017 bring? The election of Donald Trump as our next president (I still cringe when I read, write or say that), and the nomination of Tom Price as DHHS secretary seem to be infusing providers with new excitement and boosting their hopes for the future.

I’m cautiously optimistic, because what’s the alternative otherwise?

Anywho, as the clock ticks down today (my last before I leave on vacation), who am I kidding? I’ve got one mental foot out the door. Work? Meh, I’m clearing up piles of notes and press releases that have accumulated on my desk over a busy fall and I’m trying not to think about the fabulous chocolate mint cookies in the break room (thanks, Erika!). And, as I write this, I can overhear editor Liz discussing cinnamon rolls with Heather from marketing. Tis the season, after all.

To all, have a Merry Christmas and/or other assorted holidays and I’ll see you back here in 2017.