Yeah, Liz, I keep askin'


Yeah, Liz, I keep asking CPAP providers about competition from the nationals as well as whether they see a lot of insurers locking up contracts.


Unlike many of their counterparts in other HME markets, sleep providers as a whole don't seem to sweat the big guys. They say they compete better on service.

"The big nationals are both our competitors and our best referral source. The customers we serve usually start out as frustrated patients of the big nationals, then they get on the Internet and find us." – Johnny Goodman, co-founder and general manager of

Liz, you hit the nail on the head when you say providers that have solid relationships with referral sources, and a track record of satisfied, compliant patients, have little to worry about it.

Still, I am pursuing this as a story for next month. Let's see everyone has to say.

Theresa Flaherty