You are always on my mind


As I write this blog from the confines of the Show Daily office, I’m drinking my second latte (last year I survived on diet coke, but ever since June, my articles have been fueled by anxiety and Starbucks). Having flown in to Atlanta last night, I should be more well rested than I am. Maybe it was the excitement, maybe it was the Forensic Files marathon I indulged in until 1:30 this morning. Whatever it was, my exhaustion was apparent immediately.

This morning I met up with Managing Editor Theresa for breakfast. Since we’re staying in the same hotel, we were comparing the views from our rooms. Being on one of the upper floors, Theresa has a lovely view of the Atlanta skyline/CNN roof. Even though I’m on one of the lower floors, I had a pretty impressive view, too.

That’s when I told Theresa my favorite feature was the giant wheelchair. If she gave me a funny look I didn’t notice. Then she said, “Think about what you just said.”

I did and I didn’t come up with anything I didn’t mean to say.

“You called it a wheelchair.”

From where I was sitting in the restaurant I could see the giant wheelchair. At this point I knew it wasn’t a wheelchair, but I still couldn’t remember what the word for “it” actually was.

I racked my brain and the only word that came to mind was WHEELCHAIR! WHEELCHAIR! WHEELCHAIR! GIANT. LIGHTUP. WHEELCHAIR.

Theresa put me out of my misery.

“It’s a Ferris wheel,” she said. 

My friends know I’m in Atlanta for work this week and a handful of them suggested I take in some of the sights while I’m down here. There wasn’t anything I was particularly dying to see or do, but maybe I’ll make it a point to go for a spin on the giant wheelchair before I go.