You tell 'em, Vince!


Industry consultant Vince Crew was part of a panel discussing the auto bailout on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees on Monday. Crew,  "America's Everyday Ethics Guy," argued that the government should have let Chrysler and GM fail. He told Cooper:

"Instead of allowing it to take the  natural order of things, which many of your listeners' businesses would have to do, the government steps in and says, well, we're going to prop you up a little bit, but, oh, maybe we will do a little political posturing, and we will pick this guy and we will pick this issue. The government has no business in here."

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You tell 'em, Vince!

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I haven't been able to find the video, but here's a transcript.

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Right you think the government will bail out the 90% of DME providers that could be eliminated by competitive bidding? Heck, no. We we have to fend for ourselves.