MAMES conducts survey on audits

Monday, December 3, 2012

NORTH STILLWATER, Minn. – The Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services (MAMES) is conducting a survey on Medicare audits in light of reports from several members that audits are being denied for technical reasons, not due to Medicare policy. The survey’s purpose is to gain a better understanding of why technical issues have resulted in audits and to share that information with members of Congress. The technical errors, MAMES stated, are “not only costing HME supplier’s valuable time and money,” but also costing “resources for the Medicare system.” 

To take the survey, click here.



What will MAMES do with the data?  With the lack of support from the industry to take an Appeal to The Supreme Court for the allowing for civil damages from "technical errors" by CMS Contractors for claims from those actions the data will be rendered useless.   If The Third Circuit Decision remains and this imaginary "Outer Perimeter Discretion" remains the industry has NO venue for damages of ANY kind.  CMS isn't going to actually do anything because they are currently impenetrable for such actions.

Now if the industry woud galvonize and support the Appeal getting this imaginary "Outer Perimeter Discretion" overturned and making contractors responsible for their actions; Do you believe these assults will continue in such a wreckless manner?  Currently Contractors have NO fear for their actions since they NOW have been shrouded with a veil of unprecidented and incredible scope of immunity as ruled by The Third Circuit.  An unproven veil in ANY Federal Court but nonetheless a veil bestowed upon them!!