Hello, HME News? This is the GAO, and we have some questions about oxygen


This morning, little old me, the humble executive editor of HME News, spent 40 minutes on the phone with four Government Accountability Office officials, answering questions about Medicare oxygen. порно аниме онлайн зрелые письки

Unstable Fables: Goldilocks & 3 Bears Show divx I felt kind of important. I mean, I’m usually the one who calls government officials to ask questions. They never call me. Never. So this was a first.

In case you don’t know, the GAO is "the investigative arm of Congress" and helps improve the performance and accountability of the federal government. In the past, the GAO has highlighted instances, when in its opinion, Medicare paid too much for DME.

Now, the GAO folks I talked to seemed very nice, but during the course of our conversation, it began to seem odd to me that an arm of the federal government—with all the massive resources that entails—would call me (a relative nobody) and want to discuss Medicare oxygen. I mean, I’m not an expert on this stuff. I just report on it. Why not go to the source: CMS.  Really, I would have been only a little more surprised if Warren Buffet had called wanting to discuss 401k diversification strategies.

What surprised me the most was the basic nature of the questions.

Angels & Demons movie download The Mistress of Spices movie For example, they askedt how many oxygen providers bill Medicare. What’s the difference between a supplier number and an NPI number? Does HME News have data on the cognitive disabilities of oxygen patients? (That was my favorite question. I said no.) Do providers like to be called DMEs or HMEs? What am I hearing about national competitive bidding? (Nobody in the HME industry likes it, I said, with a laugh.) Tell us a little about the typical manufacturer of respiratory equipment.

That was pretty much it.

After we hung up, I couldn’t shake the feeling that these GAO officials knew little or nothing about the industry. I hope I'm wrong, but I can’t imagine that this kind of on-the-job training will result in any thing good for HME providers.

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— Mike Moran

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First of all, I think it's in incredibly poor taste to bad mouth someone after they've taken the time to ask for your opinion. Second, you're an idiot if you think GAO won't be holding extensive meetings with CMS and crunching lots of data before they issue their report. Franklly, it would have been nice if you had treated them with the same courtesy that they obviously extended to you.

-A former GAO analyst

My response to Matt - (a former GAO anaylst). Since when is the term "idiot" an appropriate courtesy to refer to someone? You know darn well that the GAO has no clue in how much work NOW goes into properly servicing a beneficiary along with the costs associated with that service. What do the initials GAO stand for? Govenrment ACCOUNTIBILITY Office. Where was the accountibility with CMS, the OIG and hired government contractors when fraudulent physician providers and HME supplier/providers alike ran wild? While not enforcing their own rules, CMS essentially created an environment where anyone, from any country could literally steal from the government, while CMS and hired contractor representatives just cashed their paychecks and ignored their own numbers to evaluate how massive fraud and reimbursements were escalating out of control! Why don't you get on the horn with your old co-workers and explain to them that homecare services help keep beneficiaries OUT of the hospitals and emeregncy rooms by making them more INDEPENDENT, not less. It sounds to me that you might still work with them. Why else would you post such a ridiculous statement? What axe do you have to grind with our industry? Or is your small statement a constant reminder of how current and former government officials have no regard for our industry resources in that they view us as part of the problem, not part of the solution! Matt.... with your antiquated statement, it seems to me, people like YOU and your government friends are part of the overall problem, certainly not a part of the solution.

The GAO does not really want to know anything about our industry. Public Hearing would be the answer. Public Hearing would place Congress under scrutiny. As for the individual above who claims to have been a GAO investigator. I think his blog says it all. His assumptions and his jump to conlcusion attitude is indicative of the manner in which the GAO has conducted itself regarding our industry. Mike did not mistreat the callers. Mike treated the callers with all the respect in the world. Mike summarized his opinion of the conversation. Mike provided a professional analysis of his impression of the questions being asked. He did not personally attack the callers as our GAO investigator did. It has been clear for years that our government offices know nothing about our industry and do not care to know anything. It has been clear they use anything they can up to and including out right lies to attempt to make an entire industry look like crooks. We know we are not crooks and the people we serve know we are not crooks.

You retards are all neglecting the fact that the GAO placed this call because they were collecitng information. Of course they're not DME/HME experts, hence the reason they're not the Government DME Office. The GAO and OIG are acctually one of the few government organizations that will give you a no BS non-influenced assessment of a situation after a neutral evaluation. Moran's a cocky self serving inflammatory ignorant jackass that's more concerned with putting his name in print to line his wallet, and all the providers that jump on his egotistical bandwagon are not doing themselves any favors. Next time take a moment to educate yourself about what you're going to comment on before you shoot your mouth off and provide a clear picture of your complete ignorance.