Modifier Magic – The Second Act

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 11:00am

It’s time for the hooded magicians (Dan and Ronda) to bring back the second act with modifiers. During the first act (webinar) this past January, your performers revealed the secret to preventing those CO-4 denials. Now that there has been time to practice what you learned, we wanted to share more of the magic (not illusions) to understanding and knowing the correct modifiers to use so  you don’t tear the dollar bills in half. We will be pulling out the magic wand again, tapping the hat to see what the new modifier requirements are for certain policies because we want you to get paid timely and not get dealt a bag of tricks. We may call you on stage (in the webinar) to help with the performance, so do not be afraid to raise your hand in case we do ask for assistance (question).

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss the types of modifiers related to the different medical policies.
• Review the proper order and meaning of the modifiers in order to submit a clean claim.
• Participate in the appropriate modifiers to append to related procedure codes challenge.
• Identify the new requirements for modifiers related to particular policies (oxygen) and guidelines (IFR).

Presenter Names & Titles: Ronda Buhrmester, Director of Reimbursement, and Dan Fedor, Reimbursement Specialist
Company: VGM Associates Respiratory and US Rehab
Phone: 217-493-5440