FLA Orthopedics


The design of the Easy Air combines therapeutic gel and air in one bladder and offers exceptional support, adjustability and comfort. The pneumatic-gel bladder contains multiple air and gel cells that can be inflated and deflated to offer adjustable compression for a customized fit. The Easy Air Pneumatic-Gel Walker treats acute or severe ankle sprains, severe ankle or foot strains, lower extremity soft tissue injuries, stress fractures of the foot or ankle and stable fractures of the foot or ankle. Easy Air features and benefits include: multiple air and gel cell support bladder, inflatable cells for adjustable compression, a design that accommodates changes in swelling. The bladder can be cooled for use in cold therapy and a soft, breathable liner wicks moisture away from the skin.Criss-cross ankle straps increase foot stability, and the non-slip bottom preserves a natural gait.