FLA Orthopedics

SoftPoint Semi-Rigid Orthotics
These new Semi-Rigid Orthotics provide support to the arch of the foot, prevent pronation (the inward rolling of the ankles) and relieve the pain associated with many foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, weak or fallen arches and aching, fatigued feet. The semi-rigid polypropylene base, shock absorbing Poron liner and deep contours cradle the heel, continuously stabilizing and supporting the arch. Shock absorbing Poron absorbs the impact of each step. High-side rims allow for full contact with the arch, stabilizing the feet and preventing the ankles from rolling inward. A deep-heel cup cradles the heel and helps stabilize the feet. Breathable fabric reduces perspiration and shear, minimizing blisters or calluses. Its three-quarter-inch length and moderate width relieves pressure on the forefoot and accommodates a broad range of shoes. It can easily be moved from shoe to shoe.