Harmar Mobility

XL Series Portable
Ramp Systems
Harmar Mobility's XL Series Portable Ramp Systems has a 36-inch width and a 1,000-pound capacity. These heavy-duty ramps are available in 4-foot and 6-foot single-fold and 8-foot and 10-foot multi-fold models. The XL Series ramps all feature Harmar's non-skid metal surface, with holes designed for wet or dry grip. This surface offers improved traction, resists dirt and wear, reduces weight, and allows water and other elements to drain, making Harmar ramps safer and more sure-footed for both indoor and outdoor use. The 4- and 6-foot models feature simple, length-wise folding for easy transport. The 8- and 10-foot models offer width and lengthwise folding, as well as Harmar's patent-pending hinge design for two-piece portability.