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Home Diagnostics

Home Diagnostics’ TRUE2go is small enough to attach to the top of a vial of test strips, offering patients the convenience of on-the-go testing. The TRUEresult offers advanced monitoring capabilities at an affordable price. Both meters offer no-coding technology and are compatible with Home Diagnostic’s TRUEtest platform of blood glucose test strips, which features GoldSensor laser accuracy and the TRUEfill beveled tip.
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Freedom Designs

Freedom CGX
The tilt-in-space Freedom CGX does not require conventional tilt mechanisms, resulting in fewer moving parts and less maintenance. Other features include a foot activated tilt; built in growth; a clean and dynamic appearance; WC-19 crash testing; a flared front end for greater stability; wider footplates with 90° hangers; and transport readiness.
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Brightree Release 22 
Brightree Release 22 is  Internet-based business management software. It includes an automatic payment posting for all major non-Medicare payers. Other enhancements include electronic purchasing, real-time executive dashboard of key business indicators, and point-of-delivery (with GPS tracking).
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UPS Logistics

Roadnet Transportation Suite
Roadnet Transportation Suite combines your resources into one structure which then applies to any of our software programs. Territory Planner, Roadnet, FleetLoader and MobileCast let you manage planning, dispatching, loading and delivery tracking for maximum efficiency while minimizing costs. With Roadnet Info Center and Roadnet Performance Dashboard, you see all of the details relating to your transportation performance. Multiple system reports help track your costs and efficiency.

Computers Unlimited

TIMS Software Version 6.0
TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, delivers an all-in-one solution. TIMS offers everything from intake and inventory management to revenue cycle operations and financial reporting. Other powerful features include: billing rules and fee schedules, integrated workflow, documentation, rental and serial-tracked equipment, electronic claims validation, reimbursement, denial management, rental equipment billing, barcoding, EDI, drop shipping, document imaging, business intelligence and APIs.


Contract Manager
RemitDATA’s Contract Manager is a Web-based module that helps providers identify and collect contractual underpayments with one click of a button. An add-on module to Reimbursement PRO, it helps providers gain leverage over payer contracts by monitoring and maximizing contract performance and identifying and collecting underpaid claims. Contract Manager can strengthen providers’ bottom lines; maximize compliance with payers; and enhance workflow.
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Universal Software Solutions

USS’s HDMS is an information system, not simply a billing software package. HDMS gives HME owners the information they need to more intelligently manage their business operations. In addition to data capture, HDMS improves the productivity and efficiency of HME businesses through process improvement and the automation of routine tasks. Management builds in their unique requirements, eliminating the need to check each line of every claim. Our electronic paper trail enhances accountability.
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Noble House

Noble*Direct for Windows
Noble House’s comprehensive DME patient billing and practice management software meets the demands of today’s competitive environment. Bills approximately 2,200 insurances electronically, most without additional paperwork. Control every penny while providing high-quality service to your customers.
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Alpha Orthotics

Bunion Aid
The Bunion Aid is a day-and-night splint that provides effective solutions for many patients with Hallux Valgus problems. Bunion Aid, a hinged orthotic, offers advantages to the traditional rigid night splints. Worn post-op, it maintains the fixation of the toe. The Bunion Aid corrects the deformity of the big toe (preventative). It is light, thin and fits in many walking shoes.
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Attends Healthcare Products

Underwear Extra Absorbency XX-Large
Attends Underwear Extra Absorbency XX-Large have a soft elastic waist design that provides superior comfort. Tear-away sides offer an easy option for removal. Additional inner acquisition layer for faster absorbency. The underwear is white in color for added wearer discretion and colored stitching indicates back of product.
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