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Roscoe Medical

Hose Wraps for CPAP Tubing
Roscoe Medical Hose Wraps for CPAP Tubing help eliminate condensation and rain-out that often disrupt sleep. Lightweight and travel friendly, they have an ultra-soft feel. The wraps are easy to install and fit any 6-foot, 22cm CPAP tube. Comes standard with easy grip closure systems. The wraps feature durable construction and are machine washable. Available in four colors.
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VirtuOx HST
VirtuOx HST is a home sleep testing program that can diagnose patients with central or obstructive sleep apnea. It uses level III and level IV devices. We mail these devices to and from the patient’s home. Our respiratory therapist scores the study and board certified sleep physicians interpret the results, which are sent to the DME and the treating physician. The devices are owned by VirtuOx and all associated costs are incurred by VirtuOx.
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Altimate Medical

EasyStand Evolv with Swing Away Front
Altimate Medical’s EasyStand Evolv with Swing Away Front makes assisted transfers easier. It allows the caregiver to swing away the knees and tray and have full access to the seat for easier standing pivot or lift assist transfers. Available in two configurations.
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American Bantex

Folding Walker with Roll-Up Seat
The American Bantex Folding Walker with Roll-Up Seat provides maximum strength in a lightweight aluminum frame. The two-button release mechanism folds each side independently to just 4.5 inches for easy storage. The seat can be rolled up and placed on a handy hook. The roll-up seat is made of nylon, lightweight and durable. The walker has ergonomic vinyl handgrips and an easy-to-clean aluminum frame.
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Blue Chip Medical Products

GRZ Adjustable Skin Protection Cushion
The GRZ is an adjustable air bladder system consisting of three individual air cell chambers which redistribute pressure and adjust to body weight and position. Ideal for patients with moderate to high risk of skin breakdown who require significant postural support. The GRZ allows the therapist to offer correct posture, proper alignment and trunk stability, as well as adjustments for pelvic obliquities. Does not require pump for adjustment. Adjustable strap secures cushion to wheelchair.

Fora Care

Fora V12 Glucose Monitoring System
Fora Care’s Fora V12 Glucose Monitoring System includes a no-coding talking glucose meter, a ready-to-upload gateway and customizable Web-based software. Users can maintain their blood glucose measurement by simply uploading their blood glucose readings through a cost-effective gateway to a password-protected online management program where physicians/caregivers can remotely monitor, intervene in diabetes treatment, and prevent costly complications.
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Extra Care Ultra Low Bed
Gendron’s Extra Care Ultra Low Bed Model 3607 is a three-function electric bed with a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The bed features a height range of 7 inches to 28 inches and has a sleep surface of 36 inches by 80 inches. Standard features include: pendant control, head end side rails, head board and foot boards, attendant push bar and battery backup for emergency operation. There are optional deck extension kits and CPR release available.
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Health Circle

Slide & Swivel Bath Bench
Upgrade the standard transfer bench with a soft swivel seat. Release the bench seat lock in order to slide to the center of the tub area. Soft EVA foam seat with anti-microbial properties swivels with 180 degrees of rotation and three stop positions. The reversible structure adjusts to fit any tub/shower arrangement. Soap caddy and handle included.
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Home Aide Diagnostics

Easy Step Glucose Monitor
Home Aide Diagnostics’ Easy Step Glucose Monitor requires no coding. Small 0.5 ul sample size; results in five seconds. Other features include: auto-eject strips, before/after meal flag, LCD screen backlight and 300-test memory. Approved for alternate site testing.
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Hudson Medical Products

Comfort Cloud VFT Mattress
Hudson Medical Products’ Comfort Cloud VFT is a therapeutic E0184 homecare mattress. The fiber mattress core provides enhanced durability, support and comfort while meeting California flame retardancy standards, and the latest federal standard.
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