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Dr. Comfort

Diabetic Footwear
Dr. Comfort’s line of diabetic footwear offers comfort and style. With a pedorthic laboratory, Dr. Comfort offers custom inserts, toe fillers and various shoe modifications all under one roof, which ensures that patients receive their footwear in an efficient and convenient manner.
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- Complete HME medical billing systems with electronic claims and auto ERN posting.
- Denial management, full inventory control, tracking, maintenance, history, bar coding and purchase orders.
- Automated recurring orders, CMNs, any Word document, customizable forms/reports, clinical notes and follow-up.

SeQual Technologies

Eclipse 2
SeQual Technologies’ Eclipse 2 offers 3 LPM of continuous flow and pulse dose options. With AutoSAT Technology, the Eclipse 2 maintains a Fi02 by automatically adjusting to increases in oxygen demands. The auto-recharge power cartridge enables easy movement between AC and DC power outlets without interruption of oxygen therapy, allowing for longer excursion times and overnight travel.
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Responsive Respiratory

Cyl-Fil Standard Oxygen System
The Cyl-Fil Standard System provides ambulatory oxygen care that reduces costly patient deliveries for oxygen providers. Cyl-Fil technology allows patients to top off and fill their cylinders at home, replacing costly monthly deliveries, liquid systems and high electricity-use compressor systems. Cyl-Fil provides emergency oxygen in the event of power loss.
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Mason Medical Products

Air Cell Cushion
The Air Cell Cushion offers positioning and stability with a highly advanced level of pressure ulcer treatment and prevention. The Air Cell Cushion comes with a manual hand pump and a waterproof stretch nylon cover with fully adjustable straps to secure the cushion.
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Roll-A-Bout’s SW-ATV-500 is a safe and stable off-road crutch substitute featuring an off-set wheel design. The SW-ATV-500 also offers dual brakes, two-piece knee and ankle cushions and a wire basket. The SW-ATV-500 fits easily into a car trunk. Weight capacity is 500 pounds. No tools are required to make adjustments to accommodate left or right injuries. The SW-ATV-500 fits patients ranging in height from 4 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.
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Metro Walker
When folded, the Stander Metro Walker is four times smaller than the average walker. Easy release lever collapses walker for storage. Includes front wheels, rear easy glide feet and height-adjustment mechanism. Supports 250 pounds.
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Star Cushion Products

Galaxy Contouring Wheelchair Cushion
Star Cushion Products’ Galaxy Contouring Wheelchair Cushion combines the therapeutic benefit of multi-celled air technology with a patented, contouring design, fitting the anatomical form. These detailed, contouring features offer several benefits to aid in a patient’s stability and posture.
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Vertex Diagnostics

UltraTrak Pro
Vertex Diagnostics’ UltraTrak Pro blood glucose monitor meets the most needs of both diabetic patients and caregivers. The UltraTrak Pro features: strip eject technology, no coding, results in 4 to 7 seconds and tiny 0.7ul blood sample size. Features a 5,000 test battery life using AAA batteries, reminder alarms, and alternate site testing.
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Med-Lift and Mobility

Model 5600 Lift Chair
Med-Lift and Mobility’s 5600 lift chair is stylish and attractive. The Model 5600 has an open arm compartment for storage as well as a fold out table. The table comes standard with no additional charge. Choose from several fabrics and add heat and massage for the ultimate in relaxation. Lifetime warranty.
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