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VascuTherm 3
ThermoTek’s VascuTherm 3 offers a combination of treatment modalities, including intermittent pneumatic compression for edema reduction, thermal therapy for pain management, compression for DVT prophylaxis and a special modality to enhance arterial blood flow to treat arterial insufficiency. The VascuTherm 3 delivers a proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device.
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Raz Design

Raz-AP600/Raz-SP600 Rehab Chair
Raz Design’s Raz-AP600 & Raz-SP600 are rehab shower commode chairs. Both models have a 600-pound weight capacity and a 22-inch wide stainless steel frame. These chairs offer a molded seat with adjustments for seat-to-floor height, center-of-gravity (COG), back and armrest angle. Raz offers IPAS (Ischial Pelvic Alignment System), which provides 2-inch fore/aft adjustment of the seat so the aperture can positioned around the user’s ischial tuberosities.
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Next Mobility

Next Mobility’s Tailwind is an ultra-light wheelchair with two powerful motors. The chair has touch-sensitive handrims, a controller and removable battery pack engineered to the frame. The Tailwind’s patented closed-loop keeps you straight regardless of terrain or varied opposing surfaces (left wheel on grass, right wheel on sidewalk). Easy to transport.
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Motion Concepts

Ultra Lift Module
Motion Concepts Ultra Lift Module offers 10 inches of seat elevation and is an optional module on UltraLow CG Tilt and CG Tilt/Recline systems. It features a stable scissor mechanism with seat-to-floor heights on 16.75 inches on the elevate-only systems, and as low as 18.75 on inches Tilt or Tilt/Recline system. Available in pediatric: 11 inches wide, 14 inches deep; and adult: 15 inches wide by 21 inches deep. Weight capacity is 300 pounds.
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PDG Product Design Group

Swing-Away 70-Degree Front Rigging
PDG introduces Swing-Away 70-Degree Front Rigging with Composite or Angle-Adjustable Footplates, for the Fuze T20 and Fuze T50. The cast aluminum channel design for the hanger allows the extension tube to nest inside, preventing rotation. They are easily adjusted, with no extra washers or spacers. The footplates will not sag. Screw heads and nuts are recessed.
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Fastrack Enterprise System
for Windows/SQL
- Online eligibility and auto cash posting with virtually all payer types.
- Advanced billing and order edits help reduce denied claims.
- Schedule recurring supply orders plus real-time delivery confirmation.


SystemOne Billing
- Choose Internet based or installed version.
- 21 modules available to meet the needs of your HME business.
- Touch screen POS, IVR, eligibility checking, shipping Interface, on-screen resupply reminders.

The ROHO Group

Merlin Proximity Sensor
The ROHO Group’s Merlin Proximity Sensor continuously monitors a wheelchair seat cushion’s inflation level and alerts the user to any changes. With the push of a button, users can adjust their cushion’s inflation to meet their specific needs. The sensor monitors inflation levels every 10 minutes.


Securi-T Hydrocolloid Strips are skin-friendly reimbursable tape alternative. Use in place of tape for wafers and dressings. Protects adhesive edges. Great for those with an allergy to tape. Use under appliances or picture frame around appliances and dressings. Does not cause irritation or trauma to skin like aggressive tapes. Pre-cut and pre-shaped. 30 strips per box, 3 strips = 1 billing unit. Genairex offers a full line of ostomy products that are cost-effective.

Janska Clothing that Comforts

Janska’s LapWrap brings both warmth and comfort. Wear around your shoulders or over your lap to beat the chill of a hospital room, treatment facility or while you’re resting at home. Our patented design keeps the super-soft material close to your skin and away from wheelchair spokes or unsuspecting feet. The lovely shawl collar adds a fashionable touch.