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NP200 Mattress
Hill-Rom’s NP200 Wound Surface mattress features Supracor’s Stimulite honeycomb and distributes a patient’s weight uniformly across its surface to eliminate pressure points. The mattress contours to the patient’s body shape, stimulating blood flow (to improve circulation) and preventing the build-up of heat and humidity. It requires no power or blower box.

Golden Technologies

Monarch Plus
Golden Technologies’ Monarch Plus PR359 is available in two sizes (medium and large). The Monarch Plus features the same styling of the Monarch PR355 model, but with a full chaise pad. The three-position lift chairs come in four standard fabrics (SofTouch Rose, Sapphire, Sage and Cognac). The Monarch Plus models both have a 375-pound weight capacity and feature SmartTek electronic diagnostic technology.

The Roho Group

Merlin Proximity Sensor
The Roho Group’s Merlin Proximity Sensor is an accessory that continually monitors a Roho cushion’s inflation level. The user positions the Merlin pad under their Roho cushion and sets the correct point at which the cushion is properly adjusted. The Merlin then senses and notifies the user if the inflation level of the cushion has changed. Available in four pad sizes.

Graham-Field Health Products

GF-3T Analog
TENS Unit with Timer
Graham-Field Health Products’ GF-3T Analog Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Unit with Timer can be used under a physician’s prescription for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic pain and for the treatment of postoperative or posttraumatic pain. Part of the Grafco line, the unit comes complete with a 9-volt battery, carrying case, lead wires and electrodes. The addition of the timer creates the ability to administer treatment for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or continuously.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Forma full face mask
- FlexiFoam cushion is designed to fit and conform to a variety of facial structures.
- T-piece mask base is angled to minimize pressure on the nose.
- Under the chin design maintains a seal in the event of mouth leak or mouth breathing, and improves overall stability.

Mada Medical Products

Madacide-fd germicidal solution
- Safe and effective for cleaning and disinfecting CPAP masks.
- EPA registered.
- Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal and virucidal.

Quantum BioMedical*

Warp 10/Warp 75
Quantum BioMedical’s Warp products supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. The Warp products feature HEALS technology that penetrates deep under the skin, creating an increase in circulation, which in turn increases the supply of oxygen to the blood. These effects facilitate pain relief. The far red/ near infrared light penetrates the surface of skin, stimulating body cells, which convert into chemical energy thus promoting natural, drug-free pain relief.

StepIt’s StepIt is a rocking foot pedal designed to increase blood circulation in the leg. The pedal simulates a true walking motion, which activates the leg’s calf muscle pump. The active calf muscle pump propels the venous blood back to the heart. When the leg is resting, the calf muscle pump shuts down and the blood circulation is significantly reduced. Designed for immobile individuals to prevent leg swelling, blood clots, numbness, pain, ulcers, diabetic foot and more.

Tiger Medical Group*

Pill crusher and pouches
Tiger Medical Group’s pill crusher is ergonomically designed to crush pills into a fine powder with minimum effort. A lever/lateral mechanism minimizes pill movement and the handle stays upright for easy loading of pouches. Pouches with reinforced ribbed sides minimize breakage and are available in two seam styles, beveled and straight. Economy pouch options are also available.

Battle Creek Equipment Company

Battle Creek BedWarmer
Battle Creek Equipment Company’s Battle Creek BedWarmer offers a solution for poor circulation or cold feet. Placed under the bottom sheet, gentle heat rises for cozy warmth right where you need it, without heating the entire bed. Available in single or dual temperature models. The BedWarmer can benefit people with arthritis, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, fibromyalgia, Reynaud’s Disease, MS, RLS and other problems.