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HubScrub Company

Wheelchair Cleaning
System 20/50
The HubScrub Company’s 20/50 is a wider and longer system designed to clean and disinfect larger wheelchairs, geri chairs, carts and smaller equipment. Features include: complete infection control, dual rotating spray system, under carriage spray, parts cleaning and spray gun attachment for miscellaneous cleaning. The model 20/50 is portable, with automated self-maintenance functions. Hookups are standard hot tap water and wall outlet. One-year 100% parts and labor warranty.


FreedomAlert is a personal emergency response system. It’s a programmable two-way voice pendant communicator which allows one to directly call family, friends or even emergency services and speak to them through the pendant from anywhere in and around your home. Users can program up to four numbers. If no one is available, FreedomAlert can even call 911. There are no activation costs, contracts and monthly fees.

Medical Alarm Concepts

The MediPendant is a personal protection system that provides immediate assistance at the touch of a button. The device’s two-way voice capability allows the user to simply press the button and communicate with an EMT-certified operator directly through the pendant. The mini-wearable pendant is water-resistant, extremely durable and can be used anywhere in and around the home (range: about 600 feet line of sight). Spanish and English.

CHAD Therapeutics

Basic Click-Style Regulator
- Flows tested to accuracy within +/- 15% tolerances.
- Meets ASTM-G175-03 promoted ignition tests.
- Features brass components in high-pressure areas and relief-valve zones.

Cramer Decker Medical

O2 Regulator (AREGXXXX)
- Uses a CGA870 or CGA540 connection with a barb and/or DISS outlet.
- 5.25 inches in body length and weighs only 0.90 pounds.
- 13 settings.

Reimbursement Services

hmeBillingSolutions billing service
- Billing services include most aspects of HME billing.
- Allows access to patient data with hmeFrontOffice.
- With hmeBillingSolutions services, “If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.”

Universal Software Solutions

Billing and Information Management System
- Shift focus to patient intake, along with disease management, compliance and accreditation.
- Numerous automated billing processes and EDI. Can be integrated to other data systems.
- Experienced customer support provides uninterrupted cash flow.

CHAD Therapeutics Bonsai Pneumatic

Oxygen Conserver
- Lightweight design - only 9.9 ounces.
- Uniform pulse delivery, up to 40 breaths per minute.
- 1 to 7 liter flow settings.

Troy Technologies

Random Tandem Connection
Troy Technologies’ Random Tandem Connection can attach to virtually any baby stroller or wheelchair, and allow you to propel them together with ease. Leaves mobility devices undamaged. The Random Tandem is easy to attach. Just tighten the knobs and clamp one frame to another - no tools needed.


Metro Car Handle Plus
Stander’s Metro Car Handle Plus is a multi-use travel solution that enables standing from a car with confidence and ease. It fits securely into the striker of the car, with no vehicle modification required, and supports up to 500 pounds. It features sturdy, lightweight construction; sleek, ergonomic design; a secret spare key compartment; and a window ice scraper. It also includes a high intensity safety beam and a crime blocker security alarm.