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Raz Design

PRx Pressure Reduction Shower Commode Seat
Raz Design’s PRx Pressure Reduction Seat is an extremely comfortable seat that provides positioning and pressure reduction for users with prolonged bowel/hygiene programs. The PRx Seat is a dual-foam, molded seat with a soft integral skin exterior for durability and a contoured foam insert for positioning and comfort. Available in two seat depths and five different configurations, the PRx Seat provides personalized access for the user and caregiver.

DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss PD1000
- Small, compact and attractive unit has lightweight design and 3:1 savings.
- Field serviceable, which allows the units to be quickly serviced by technicians.
- Impact-resistant materials used in outer covering.


Posture Corrector (pediatric)
- Pediatric orthosis provides abdominal, lumbo-sacral and middle and upper back support.
- Adjustable metal stays provide increased stability for the lower back. Reinforced straps offer better support.
- Recommended for children to improve posture or for those suffering from scoliosis. Comfortable to wear.


Comfortgel full
- Replaceable cushion is made of blue gel for comfort and stability.
- Sure seal technology follows facial contours for a comfortable seal.
- DuoPack kit includes complete mask and first replacement cushion.

medSage Technologies

OSA Patient management software
- Patient management software for COPD, sleep labs, OSA, capped rental compliance and more.
- Web-based; driven by existing DME billing system.
- Helps call center staff with supply re-orders.


Swift lt for her
- Specially designed for women.
- Quiet nasal pillow system; weighs 2.3 ounces.
- Headgear’s adjustable back strap accommodates wide range of hairstyles.


IQ nasal mask
- Soft silicone interface with non-silicone skin.
- Flexible shell bends for a compliant fit.
- One size fits most.

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Flexset mask
- Four different cushion options; multiple forehead pads.
- Forehead adjustment and pivoting design ensure secure fit.
- Adjustable exhaust port allows patients to direct escaping air away from their chest and their bed partner.

Harmar Mobility

Pinnacle Premium Stairway Lift
Harmar Mobility’s Pinnacle Premium Stairway Lift offers a helical drive system with a modular gear rack.  The drive system features a standard 16-foot track length, with lengths available up to 70 feet. When folded, the lift measures 11 feet wide. The Pinnacle Premium Stairway Lift is also easily changeable from the left to the right side, without having to access the internals of the unit.