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Specialty Providers

Prices, audits stay the course

April 23, 2012Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

BALTIMORE - Brand-name Brovana took a hit in the latest average sales price (ASP) figures for nebulizer medications, but otherwise there were few major changes.The long-acting beta agonist Brovana (J7605) decreased 24 cents to $5.11 per dose in the latest figures, released in March.Between the lower reimbursement and a price increase from the manufacturer, you won't see many providers supplying the drug, said Sam Jarczynski, who blames market consolidation for the change.“There are so few respiratory...

Albuterol, Average Sales Prices, Brovana, Budesonide, neb-meds, Perforomist

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Specialty Providers

Providers threaten neb-med changes

October 28, 2010Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

BALTIMORE - As of Oct. 1, provider Sam Jarczynski no longer planned to dispense budesonide. That's because the latest average sales price figures, released on Sept. 20, showed a drop for the nebulizer medication of 56 cents, from $4.85 to $4.29. That's on top of the previous drop: $1.57. "We were breaking even on it, but now it's substantially lower than what our cost is on the drug," said Jarczynski, president of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based RxStat. "There's no way it can be dispensed to the Medicare...

Albuterol, Average Sales Prices, Neb meds, Pulmicort, respiratory meds

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