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Business Development

CBD purveyors see huge HME potential

July 30, 2021John Andrews

The excitement about the future of CBD products in the HME retail sector is palpable from advocates in the field. CBD – or cannabidiol – has become a common homeopathic treatment for a variety of ailments and is ubiquitous at retailers across the country.  The burgeoning popularity of CBD – which is a derivative of hemp and not marijuana – poses a huge over-the-counter retail opportunity for HME providers, proponents say.  “The growth potential for CBD...

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Smart Talk

CBD: Keep it simple

November 12, 2020Andrea Mangini

Q. What kinds of CBD should I be recommending for pain?A. CBD is widely accepted as a treatment for both acute and chronic types of pain due to its clinically proven effects on inflammation, but as we all know, different types of pain require different types of treatment and CBD can help in most cases. If you're unclear on how to navigate all the products in the market, my advice is to keep it simple.I have always and will always recommend a full spectrum or, at the very least, a broad spectrum CBD...

CBD Products

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Business Development

CBD 'could be dynamic' market for HME

August 3, 2020John Andrews

For an industry in need of a retail product that fits within any of the HME major categories, CBD certainly seems to fit the bill. As a therapeutic product with potential benefits for a litany of conditions, CBD can effectively be marketed and merchandised for virtually every HME customer, specialists in the field say. CBD—known as cannabidiol—is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. On the market for retail sale since being legalized in the Agricultural Improvement...

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Specialty Providers

NCPA jumps on CBD bandwagon

February 3, 2020Tracy Orzel

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The National Community Pharmacist Association has launched an online CBD resource guide with PRS for pharmacists looking to add cannabinoid products, such as oils, gummies, tinctures and creams, to their retail product mix.The NCPA CBD Source offers educational information for pharmacists, carefully screened brands and products for purchase, as well as custom marketing material kits, social media calendars, brand materials and generic CBD cases."It's a product that a lot of consumers...

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Smart Talk

CBD: Consider quality, transparency

May 31, 2019Andrew Amoth

A. HME providers see patients daily that currently use or may benefit from hemp products. These types of suppliers are proving to be a valuable resource to the patients they serve. In an environment containing a wide variety of options, these types of customers rely on their trusted healthcare providers in selecting the solution that best fits their needs. Quality, concentration, and transparency are among the key considerations when selecting a hemp brand with which to align.Passing of the 2018...

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Aeroflow responds to increasing interest in CBD

April 5, 2019Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Aeroflow Naturals, a division of Aeroflow Healthcare, wants to give customers a “trusted avenue” to navigate the largely unregulated field of cannabidoil (CBD) products.“You have hundreds, if not thousands of new products from just as many companies and manufacturers flooding the market, and that's caused a lot of confusion,” said Jason Ivey, emerging markets specialist. “For more than 18 years, we've provided our patients with support in navigating...

Aeroflow Naturals, CBD Products

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