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Woody O'Neal

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CPAP Plus debuts in challenging environment

October 22, 2021Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Provider Woody O’Neal did his homework when it came to opening CPAP Plus – a division of O’Neal Medical that focuses on sleep therapy and portable oxygen concentrators – which has helped to put the new company in a good position, despite the Philips recall.  CPAP Plus is located in an area of Birmingham where one-third of O’Neal Medical’s existing customers reside, a local hospital has announced expansion plans and seven sleep centers...

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Stakeholders: Recall alert is misleading

August 26, 2021HME News Staff

WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders are pushing back on a CMS alert that, they say, makes it seem like patients can get CPAP devices and ventilators affected by a recent Philips recall replaced or repaired right away.  The alert states: “If you would like to replace or repair your equipment, the supplier you bought the equipment from is responsible for replacing or repairing rental equipment at no cost to you when the equipment is less than five years old. If the equipment is more...

CPAP Device, Philips Recall, Repair, Replacement, ventilators

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CGS updates FAQ on Philips recall

July 16, 2021HME News Staff

YARMOUTH, Maine – CGS has updated its FAQ on the Philips recall, adding two new questions and revising three questions. The two new questions are: If a beneficiary with a patient-owned recalled device refuses warranty support or chooses to purchase a replacement device out of pocket, will the DME MACs honor an executed ABN that holds the beneficiary responsible for replacement (outside of warranty) as same or similar to equipment previously purchased be Medicare? The DME MACs will...

CPAP Device, DME MAC, Philips Recall

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Philips reports possible safety issue

April 27, 2021HME News Staff

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Philips has determined from user reports and testing that there are possible risks to users related to the sound abatement foam used in certain of the company’s sleep and respiratory care devices.  “The risks include that the foam may degrade under certain circumstances, influenced by factors including use of unapproved cleaning methods, such as ozone, and certain environmental conditions involving high humidity and temperature,” the company stated...

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ResMed maximizes awareness, demand

March 19, 2021Liz Beaulieu, Editor

SAN DIEGO – ResMed is positioning a new online shop as a way for the manufacturer to be a “strong partner” for its HME provider customers.  The company last week launched to sell its AirMini travel CPAP devices to cash-paying customers.  “By setting a benchmark for the online patient experience, we’re maximizing patients’ awareness of and demand for the products and services HMEs provide,”...

AirMini, Cash Sales, CPAP Device, e-commerce, Online shop, ResMed, travel CPAP

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CPAP manufacturers address certain cleaning devices

March 6, 2020Liz Beaulieu, Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine - Two of the largest manufacturers of CPAP devices say using ozone to clean and sanitize their products may affect warranties. Philips Respironics In a letter responding to a customer's request for written guidance, Philips Respironics said using SoClean on its DreamStation will not automatically void the warranty, but the company “reserves the right to void a warranty if it is determined that the use of SoClean caused a defect for which a device otherwise under warranty...

Cleaning, CPAP Device, Ozone

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Also Noted

SoClean surveys users

July 27, 2017HME News Staff

OXFORD, Mass. - CPAP sanitizing device company SoClean recently polled more than 300 customers about their experience with sleep apnea and CPAP. Since starting CPAP therapy, 43% of SoClean users said they have noticed results almost immediately and 93% said that they have been sleeping better. The survey also showed that: 77% of SoClean's customers are male; 48% are between the ages of 56 and 70; and 57% have high blood pressure and 38% were able to decrease their high blood pressure since...

CPAP Device, Sleep Apnea, SoClean

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For sale: CPAP machine, slightly used

September 16, 2016Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine - People know Craigslist as a place where they can find anything from a used car to a new roommate, but listings for medical devices like CPAP machines are giving HME providers pause.“Patients can do whatever they want with it if it's been converted to purchase, but medical devices shouldn't be sold without a prescription,” says Ron Evans, owner of Phoenix-based Valley Healthcare Group.A new study from researchers at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System...

CPAP Device,, Craigslist, Valley Healthcare Group

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