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Smart Talk

Face-to-face rule: Step into doc's shoes

May 23, 2014Michael Blakey

A. DME companies need the face-to-face paperwork required by Medicare, and physicians, for whatever reason, have trouble providing it. The push and pull over accurate and complete paperwork documenting medical necessity has always created an issue. In business it is important to understand where another person is coming from to more efficiently work with them. Physicians do not want to have discussions about the importance of complete and accurate paperwork any more than DME representatives...

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Smart Talk

Face-to-face rule: Give physicians data points

April 25, 2014Michael Blakey

A. Yes. The right electronic template provides a dynamic, time-efficient and cost effective solution to succeed at the highest level with the face-to-face (F2F) rule in effect since July 1, 2013. CMS came out with guidance for the use of templates around the same time they announced the new F2F rule. CMS recognizes that an electronic template, which is part of the electronic health record (EHR), is a good way to allow physicians to have a standard method of documenting a patient's medical condition.Practitioners...

DMEevalumate, face-to-face rule

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Industry 'ready' for prior auths

April 11, 2014Leah Hoenen

WASHINGTON - Industry stakeholders support CMS's plans to expand the PMD demo—with a few tweaks.  “I'm all for it,” said Peggy Walker, billing specialist at VGM. “I'm ready for more prior auths.”In an April 4 emergency Federal Register notice, CMS detailed plans to expand the prior authorization program to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, Washington and Arizona, bringing the total number of demo...

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Smart Talk

Face-to-face rule: Learn ins and outs

March 28, 2014Michael Blakey

A. Your organization is unique and the specific operational protocols established by your organization should be unique also. Despite uniqueness, a commonality exists between all DME suppliers when something new, such as the face-to-face rule, is established, and the most important operational protocol for all stakeholders with the face-to-face rule is education.CMS refers to operational protocols as those internal processes established by collaboration of DME suppliers and physicians to ensure compliance...

DMEevalumate, face-to-face rule

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Guest Blog

Follow the yellow brick road

October 25, 2013HME News Staff

True or false: A pad prescription (order to dispense), blood gas study, ABG or oxygen saturation and a completed CMS 484 form is in compliance with CMS's Oxygen Coverage Criteria Policy? True or false: CMS delayed the face-to-face rule until sometime in 2014 so we do not have to worry about it this year? True or false: You really want to argue with a Qualified Independent Contractor (QIC) in three years about the effective date of the face-to-face rule? If you answered true to one or more of the...

Audits, DMEevalumate, Documentation, respiratory

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In brief: Health spending 'on right track,' Medicare Advantage enrollment to grow

September 20, 2013HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - Growth in U.S. healthcare spending over the next 10 years will be modest in comparison to historical trends, according to a Sept. 18 report from the CMS Office of the Actuary. The report credits the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and decreased spending on prescription drugs and physician services with moderating health spending, even as health care becomes more accessible and more baby boomers enter the Medicare program. Among the report's key findings: Growth in healthcare spending is estimated...

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Also Noted

DMEevalumate adds respiratory program

September 16, 2013HME News Staff

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - now offers a web-based program to help medical practitioners document a patient's need for respiratory equipment. The program uses an electronic template to help a user document and produce medical justification for oxygen, CPAP and BiPAP devices. “The question-and-answer process takes less than 10 minutes and DME providers and practitioners no longer have to spend hours researching and second-guessing what information is required,” stated Jaime Loper,...

Bipap, CPAP, DMEevalumate, Jamie Loper, Oxygen

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Also Noted

DMEevalumate launches online training guide

March 12, 2013HME News Staff

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - has launched an online training guide to help providers of power mobility devices (PMDs) comply with proper documentation standards. The training guide, which features video tutorials and PDFs, is designed to help providers complete accurate and compliant face-to-face evaluations, and submit documentation for prior authorization approvals.

DMEevalumate, Mobility, PMD, Prior authorization